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Pokemon Walkthrough

Pallet Town

This the starting place of the game. Your mom will tell you that Dr. Oak wants you. Go to the big house and talk to your rival and everyone in the room, one of them gives you a free Antidote. Try to leave the town and Dr. Oak will come get you and you will be able to choose a Pokemon. There is Bulbasaur, a plant monster, Charmander, a fire monster, and Squirtle, and water monster. I suggest getting the Bulbasaur, which'll fare well against your early battles. Your rival will pick up the Pokemon right of yours. Once you try to leave, your rival will challenge you.

Viridian City

Talk to the shop clerk and then head back to Dr. Oak with the package. Give it to Oak and then head back to the shop and grab some Monster Balls and Antidotes. The Gym leader will return Viridian Gym after you defeat all other 7 Gym leaders.

Viridian Forest

You should grab a Pikachu and a Catapie. There are 2 easy trainers here also. In order to go through the road at right of the Viridian Forest, you need a Pokemon equipped with HM01's ability, Cut. You can get Mr.Mime by trading Abra at a cottage.

Pewter City

Amber is in the back house of the museum. In order to enter it, you need to cut a small tree by a Pokemon equipped with Cut. Amber will become Aerodactyl at Pokemon Laboratory in Cinnabar Town. There will be a Gym here, lead by Brock, who has both Geodude and Onix at his command.

Mt. Moon

Here you can get 1 of 2 Fossils. You can choose Dome or Felix Fossil. Dome Fossil will become Kabuto, Helix Fossil will become Omanyte at Pokemon Laboratory at Cinnabar Island

. Cerulean City

In this city you can trade Poliwhirl for Jynx. You can also get the Bike here once the guy in Vermillion City has given you the Bike Voucher. Beat the Gym here. Leader is Misty, with Staryu and Starmie. Then head North to Bill's house. Here you will get Ticket to St. Anne. On the road South from Cerulean City, There is a house, Daycare Center, on the road. At the end of the road, a big building is a gate house for Saffron City (at this point, the guard will not let you through). The small building is the entrance of underground passage to Vermilion City.

S.S. Anne

You can get on the ship with Ticket for S.S. Anne. On this boat, there are many trainers and items. The most important item of them is HM01, which the captain will give you after you've beat everyone. You'd better get the HM01 after you get other all items, because the ship will depart when you get the Hidden Machine and get off the ship.

Vermilion City

Here you can get the Bike Voucher. Beat the Gym leader here by defeating his Electorb, Pikachu, and Raichu.

Diglet's Cave

It leads to the road near Viridian Forest.

Cerulean City (revisited)

Go East and enter the Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel

It is very dark inside of the cave, so you need a Pokemon equipped with Flash (HM05), which you'll receive from Dr.Oak's Aide near the exit of Diglet's Cave.

Lavender Town

At the north of the town, there is a big building, Pokemon Tower. In order to identify and fight with monsters in the tower, you need Silph Scope, which you can get at basements of Game Corner in Celadon City after you defeat Giovanni. West from Lavender Town will take you to Saffron City and the underground pass to Celadon City. (However, at this point, a guard will not let you go through in the gate house to Saffron City. )

Celadon City

biggest city in the Pokemon world. You will need to come to this city at various stages. You can get an Eevee in a big house, use a stone to evolve him. The Gym leader, Erika, who has Tangela, Vileplume, and Victreebel, has the best Plant attack.

Celadon Department Store

In this store you can buy many items, including Stones that will evolve your Pokemon, TM's and so on. You should evolve all your Pokemon through the stones. Also, pick up 3 of each drinks plus one more on the top floor. Give 3 of each to the girl to get some Waza Machines, and 1 Water for the guards blocking the way to Saffron City

Game Corner, Exchange Corner, and Basements

You can play a slot machines here, but you need Coin Case and coins to play a slot. Some of persons will give you coins in the game corner. You can get coins by looking around, or walk around and press A button for each one step. You can find hidden coins. There is a hiding basements of the Rocket Gang in this Game Corner. Giovanni, the boss of the Team Rocket, has Silph Scope. You will need it to beat Pokemon Tower. You can get TM's and Pokemons in by trading your coins at Exchange Corner. Go West from Celadon City to get to Cycling Road. In the upper left house, you can get HM02. On this road, a Snorlax is sleeping. If you have Pokemon Flute you can wake up Snorlax and fight/capture it.

Lavender Town(revisited):Pokemon Tower

After defeating all the Team Rocket members in the tower, you can save Mr.Fuji from them. He will give you Poke Flute at his house.

Cycling Road

This leads to Fuschia City. This is a cycling road so you need the Bike to go through. If you don't have the bike, go back to Cerulean City to get one.

Lavender Town(revisited)

South of this town also leads to Fuschia City. On this road another Snorlax is sleeping so use the Poke Flute. At the end of the road, there is a gate house for Fuschia City. At the upstairs, there is a man and he will give you Exp.All if you get more than 50 monsters.

Fuschia City

Head North to the Safari Park. Also here, Walden, director of Safari Zone, will reward you with HM04 if you give him the Gold Teeth(in Safari Zone)

Safari Park

At the end of Safari Zone there is a cottage called "Secret House" where you will get HM03 from a man.

Saffron City

You can get here from Cerulean City, Lavender Town, Celadon City and Vermilion City. At first, the gate guards will not let you through the gates. First go to Celadon City Department Store, get something drink from a vending machine on 6th floor (there are 3 kinds, any will do), and go to the gate and give him the drink. There are 2 Gyms, one is Dojo, where you can get Hitmonlee, "the kicking pokemon", or Hitmonchan, "the punching pokemon". The other is Sabrina's Gym, but first, there is a man in front of the Gym. In order to enter the Gym, you need to go to Silph Co., the biggest building in Saffron City, and defeat all Team Rockets, Gary, and Giovanni. You can also get Lapras fro the guy next to Gary. Also, after doing so, the girl in the house at left will trade you TM for PokeDoll.

Silph Co.

There are many Items, Gary, and Team Rocket members in here. Adding to it, you need to jump from point to point. You also need the Card Key to open doors. I suggest u go right to 5F to get the card key, then go explore for Items. After defeating Giovanni, talk to the sitting man and he will give you Master Ball. It has a 100% chance of catching. Only use it to get Mewtwo, or one of the 3 legendary Birds.

Deserted Power Plant

To get to the Power Plant, cross the water, using Surf, after you get out onto the other side of Rock Tunnel. There are lots of Electric Pokemon are here. Also here is Zapdos, the Legendary Electric Bird.

Seaform Islands

Cross the water at the south of Fuschia City. Many Water Pokemon is here. This is where Articuno, the Legendary Ice Bird is.

Cinnabar Island

South of Pallet Town, or get past the Seaform Islands. Enter the Pokemon Laboratory and get some new Pokemon. Depending on what fossil you got after you beat the Super Nerd, you get Kabuto or Omanite. You can also get Aerodactyl if you picked up the Amber in Pewter City. At first, the Gym dorr is locked, you'll need to find a secret key to unlock it. Secret Key is in the deserted ansion left to the Gym. Beat the Gym Leader, Blaine, with chock full of Red-Hot Fire Pokemons, and head North back to Viridian City.

Viridian City City(revisited)

Here is the final Gym. After beating it, go West.

Victory Road

To pass here you will need HM03 and 04 and the Pokemon to use them. Also, there is Moltres here, the Legendary Fire Bird.

Indigo Plateau

Here is a Pokemon Center with added Shop. Go though the door at top to fight the Elite Four and Gary. Good Luck!

Cerulean Cave

After Beating the Pokemon League, go North-East of Cerulean City into the Cerulean Cave. Go to the deepest point and find Mewtwo. I suggest you use the Mastr Ball on him, but you can use the other balls and capture him by lowering his health to the lowest, make it go to sleep, andpoison or any kind of health-lowering conditions.