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Gym Leaders


Pokémon Level
Geodude 12
Onix 14
The Pokémon League is the official association of Pokémon trainers. If you defeat Brock, he'll induct into the league and give you his Boulder Badge and TM 34 as a reward. TM 34 can be used to teach certain Pokémon the Bide technique. Charmander's Fire-type power won't make a dent in Brock's two Rock-type Pokémon. If you don't have Squirtle or Bulbasaur, you'll be in for a long battle.

Use Water/Plant Pokemon



Pokémon Level
Staryu 18
Starmie 21
Like her two lieutenants, Misty prefers Water-type Pokémon, and she has Staryu and Starmie ready to go. Bulbasaur (Which will likely have evolved into Ivysaur by now) is your best bet against these water-logged foes. If you have it, any Electric- or Plant-type Pokémon will do. If you mop things up here, you’ll receive Misty’s Cascade Badge and TM 11 (Bubblebeam).

Use Electric/Grass Pokemon


Lt. Surge

Pokémon Level
Voltorb 21
Pikachu 18
Raichu 24
If you want to give this G.I a jolt, put a couple of Ground-type Pokémon on your front line. You’ll bust Lt. Surge back down to private in no time! If you win, You’ll receive the lieutenant’s Thunder Badge and TM 24. Use it to teach any Electic-type Pokémon Thunderbolt.

Use Ground Pokemon



Pokémon Level
Victreebel 29
Tangela 24
Vileplume 29
If you defeat Erika’s three Grass-type Pokémon, you’ll receive her TM 21 (Mega Drain) and Rainbow Badge. Carry extra Awakening, Potion, and Paralyse Heal.

Use Fire Pokemon



Pokémon Level
Kadabra 38
Mr.Mime 37
Venomoth 38
Alakazam 43
With their powerful mental abilities, Sabrina’s Psychic-type Pokémon will likely Confuse your Pokémon into hurting themselves badly. To keep this from happening, switch a pokémon for another one as soon as it becomes Confused. Defeat Sabrina to earn her TM 46 (Psywave) and her Marsh Badge.

Use Bug or Ghost Pokemon



Pokémon Level
Koffing 37
Muk 39
Koffing 37
Weezing 43
Koga is protected by a maze of “invisible” walls and a troop of ninja-style trainers. The ninja master himself will send out two Koffing, a Muk, and a Weezing. Ground-tpye or Psychic-type Pokémon Can put a lid on the poisonous pollution they spew. Defeat the toxic lot of them to receive the Soul Badge and a TM 06 (Toxic).

Use Ground/Psychic Pokemon



Pokémon Level
Growlithe 42
Ponyta 40
Rapidash 42
Arcanine 47
Blane is not just blowing smoke when he says his Pokémon are hot stuff. If you manage to put a damper on them, however, you’ll receive Blane’s Volcano Badge and TM 38 (Fire Blast).

Use Water Pokemon



Pokémon Level
Rhyhorn 45
Dugtrio 42
Nidoqueen 43
Nidoking 45
Rhyhorn 50
You may remember this trainer from an earlier battle, Giovanni, former boss of Team Rocket, has returned to his old job as the leader of the Viridian City Gym. Now that he’s given up crime, Giovanni will gladly give you his Earth Badge_if you best him in batlle, that is! A well deserved TM 27 (Fissure) is part of your reward.

Use Ice Pokemon