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Fake Pokemon

Don't be fooled by these pics. NONE of these pokemon exist(except in Gold/Silver, maybe), despite the fact that these pics do look real. Someone just used an image editor(Maybe Paint Shop Pro 5?) to edit pokedex pics.

no comment Is it too heavy to fly? I don't EVEN wannna say anthing

What's with all the 5s and 8s? Why is Bulbasaurs energy meter full, yet it says 2/20? no comment

Bless You! Will he lecture you to death? no comment

All Ratatta has to do is knock Mariru over! Splice two crappy pokemon? Good Idea! ...

Why no Electric moves? ......... The stupid/useless pokemon!

Who needs a cross dressing pokemon? Where'd they get a lv. 4 Vulpix? He's a BIG boy...

Looks like they're fighting each other ...BLOUSE??? Sounds ><i>real</i> useful...

OK, 1 exists...Mewtwo Strikes Back. Why Pikabud?