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The Elite Four


Pokémon Level
Dewgong 54
Cloyster 53
Slowbro 54
Jynx 56
Lapras 56
Your first duel is with Lorelei, Mistress of Icy Pokémon. Fire-type, Fighting-type, and Rock-type Pokémon all have a combat advantage against Ice-types. Many of her Pokémon also have Water-type characteristics, so be sure to guard against those powers too.


Pokémon Level
Onix 53
Hitmonchan 55
Hitmonlee 55
Onix 56
Machamp 58
Bruno is the second of the Elite Four trainers. Fighting-type Pokémon are his specialty, but he also has two Onix to round out his squad. If you want to go the distance, remember that Flying-type and Psychic-type Pokémon are more than a match for Fighting-types.


Pokémon Level
Gengar 56
Golbat 56
Haunter 55
Arbok 58
Gengar 60
If it's a challenge you want, then Agatha is ready to deliver. As you may or may not know, no type of Pokémon has a great advantage in battle over Ghost-types, and some special attacks won't affect them at all. Focus on Water- or Fire-type attacks.


Pokémon Level
Gyarados 58
Dragonair 56
Dragonair 56
Aerodactyl 60
Dragonite 62
Lance is the leader of the Elite Four and the most powerful trainer in the Pokémon League. His Dragon-type Pokémon are vulnerable to Ice-type and Fighting-type powers. On the other hand, no Pokémon can defend well against Dragon-type attacks, so keep lots of Potion ready.


Pidgeot 61
Alakazam 59
Rhydon 61

Gyarados 61 Exeggutor 61 Arcanine 61
Arcanine 63 Gyarados 63 Exeggutor 63
Venusaur 65 Charizard 65 Blastoise 65
(Chose Bulbasaur) (Chose Charmander) (Chose Squirtle)
Gary defeated the Elite Four before you even set foot on Victory Road, and now you must beat him if you want to claim the title of World's Greatest Pokémon Trainer. The first half of his team consist of Pidgeot, Alakazam, and Rhydon. The second half differs from game to game, depending on which Pokémon he chos when the game began. If your Pokémon are level 74 or above, you should be able to defear Gary's Pokémon with just a couple attacks each, but you should still be ready to defend against his Pokémon's special attacks.

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