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Welcome to the Pokémon Dictionary,
Here you will find a complete dictionary of all 151 Pokémon names and explainations for each and every name.

Pokémon name origins

BULBASAUR: BULB (as in a plant) + SAUR (as in dinosaur)
IVYSAUR: IVY (as in poison ivy) + SAUR (as in dinosaur)
VENUSAUR: VENUS (as in venus-flytrap) + SAUR (as in dinosaur)
CHARMANDER: CHAR (as in burnt) + MANDER (as in salamander)
CHARMELEON: CHAR (as in burnt) + MELEON (as in chameleon)
CHARIZARD: CHAR (as in burnt) + IZARD (as in lizard)
SQUIRTLE : SQUIRT (as in water) + LE (as in turtle)
WARTORTLE : WAR (as in battle) + TORTLE (as in a tortoise)
BLASTOISE: BLAST (as in water) + OISE (as in tortoise)
CATERPIE: (as in caterpillar)
METAPOD: META (as in metamorphosis)+ POD (as in him being a pod)
BUTTERFREE: BUTTER (as in Butterfly) + FREE (as in being free from his pod)
WEEDLE: WEED (as in a weed) + LE (as in the needle on his head)
KAKUNA: (as in cocoon)
BEEDRILL: BEE (as in a bee) + DRILL (as in his drills)
PIDGEY: (as in pigeon)
PIDGEOTTO: (as in pigeon)
PIDGEOT: (as in pigeon)
RATTATA: (as in a rat)
RATICATE: RAT (as in a rat) + ICATE (as in ERATICATE)
SPEAROW: (as in a sparrow)
FEAROW: (as in a fearsome sparrow)
EKANS: (as in snake spelled backwards)
ARBOK: (as in cobra, but spell backwards with a "K")
PIKACHU: PIKA (as in a small rodent in Japan) + CHU (as in the meaning for electric in Japanese)
RAICHU: (as in the meaning for high voltage in Japanese)
SANDSHREW: SAND (as in sand) + SHREW (as in a shrew, a small rodent)
SANDSLASH: SAND (as in sand) + SLASH (as in he learns slash)
NIDORAN(F): NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + RAN (as in run)
NIDORINA: NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + RINA (as in the meaning for fight in Spanish)
NIDOQUEEN: NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + QUEEN (as in a ruler)
NIDORAN(M): NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + RAN (as in run)
NIDORINO: NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + RINO (as in the meaning for fight in Spanish, but spelled with an "O" to signify male)
NIDOKING: NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + KING (as in a ruler)
CLEFAIRY: CLEF (as in a music note) + FAIRY (as in a fairy)
CLEFABLE: CLEF (as in a music note) + FABLE (as in a fictitious story)
VULPIX: VULP (as in Vulpes, another name for fox) + IX (as in him having six tails)
NINETALES: NINE (as in the number 9) + TALES (as in tails)
JIGGLYPUFF: JIGGLY (as in moving in a wavy fashion) + PUFF (as in how it gets puffed up when it sings)
WIGGLYTUFF: WIGGLY (as in moving in a wavy fashion) + TUFF (as in tough)
ZUBAT: ZU (as in zoo, a place for animals) + BAT (as in a bat)
GOLBAT: GOL (as in gold) + BAT (as in a bat)
ODDISH: ODD (as in weird) + DISH (as in a radish)
GLOOM: (as in sad, a gloomy bloom)
VILEPLUME: VILE (as in something bad) + PLUME (as in the meaning for an ink pen in French)
PARAS: (as in a parasite)
PARASECT: PARA (as in a parasite) + SECT (as in an insect)
VENONAT: VENO (as in venom, a poison) + NAT (as in a gnat)
VENOMOTH: VENO (as in venom, a poison) + MOTH (as in a moth)
DIGLETT: DIG (as in digging a hole) + LETT (as in a piglett, a baby pig)
DUGTRIO: DUG (as in done digging) + TRIO (as in three)
MEOWTH: (as in the noise a cat makes)
PERSIAN: (as in the Asian domestic cat)
PSYDUCK: PSY (as in psychic) + DUCK (as in a duck)
GOLDUCK: GOL (as in gold) + DUCK (as in a duck)
MANKEY: (as in monkey)
PRIMEAPE: PRIME (as in being primal) + APE (as in a type of monkey)
GROWLITHE: GROWL (as in the noise a dog makes) + LITHE (as in lithium, a flammable substance)
ARCANINE: (as in a canine)
POLIWAG: POLI (as in a polliwog, a toad) + WAG (as in him wagging his tail)
POLIWHIRL: POLI (as in a polliwog, a toad) + WHIRL (as in to whip)
POLIWRATH: POLI (as in a polliwog, a toad) + WRATH (as in to be wrathful, aggressive)
ABRA: (as in a word many magicians use)
KADABRA: (as in a word many magicians use)
ALAKAZAM: (as in a word many magicians use)
MACHOP: MA (as in macho, muscular) + CHOP (as in a Karate chop)
MACHOKE: MA (as in macho, muscular) + CHOKE (as in to choke someone)
MACHAMP: MA (as in macho, muscular) + CHAMP (as in champion)
BELLSPROUT: BELL (as in a bell) + SPROUT (as in the first stage of a seedling)
WEEPINBELL: WEEPIN (as in weeping) + BELL (as in a bell)
VICTREEBELL: VICTREE (as in a victory) + BELL (as in a bell)
TENTACOOL: TENTA (as in tentacles) + COOL (as in cold)
TENTACRUEL: TENTA (as in tentacles) + CRUEL (as in agressive, mean)
GEODUDE: GEO (as in earth) + DUDE (as in a dude)
GRAVELER: (as in Gravel, crunched up rocks)
GOLEM: (as in the Jewish Legend)
PONYTA: (as in a pony)
RAPIDASH: RAPI (as in rapid, moving fast) + DASH (as in to run fast, sprint)
SLOWPOKE: (as in the name for somone who is slow)
SLOWBRO: SLOW (as in being slow) + BRO (as in brother)
MAGNEMITE: MAGNE (as in a magnet) + MITE (as in a mite, a small bug)
MAGNETON: (as in a magnetron, an electron tube)
FARFETCH'D: (as in the meaning for something unbelieveable)
DODUO: DO (as in a dodo bird) + DUO (as in two)
DODRIO: DO (as in a dodo bird) + DRIO (as in trio, three)
SEEL: (as in a seal)
DEWGONG: (as in a Dugong, an arctic seal)
GRIMER: (as in grime)
MUK: (as in muck)
SHELLDER: (as in a shell)
CLOYSTER: CL (as in a cloister, a secluded place) + OYSTER (as in an oyster)
GASTLY: GAS (as in gas) + tly (as in ghastly)
HAUNTER: (as in he haunts)
GENGAR: (as in the meaning for shadow in Japanese)
ONIX: (as in the Onyx stone)
DROWZEE: (as in drowsy, sleepy)
HYPNO: (as in hypnosis)
KRABBY: (as in a crab)
KINGLER: KING (as in a ruler) + LER (as in angle, his claw)
VOLTORB: VOLT (as in volt, electricity) + ORB (as in an orb, as spherical object)
ELECTRODE: (as in a negative or positive part of an electrical cell)
EXEGGCUTE: EX (as in execute) + EGG (as in an egg) + CUTE (as in execute)
EXEGGUTOR: EX (as in an executor) + EGG (as in an egg) + UTOR (as in an executor)
CUBONE: CU (as in cute) + BONE (as in a bone)
MAROWAK: MARO (as in bone marrow) + WAK (as in whack)
HITMONLEE: HIT (as in to hit someone) + MON (as in man) + LEE (as in Bruce Lee, a movie star known for his kicking skills)
HITMONCHAN: HIT (as in to hit someone) + MON (as in man) + CHAN (as in Jacky Chan, a movie star known for his punching skills)
LICKITUNG: LICK (as in to lick something) + TUNG (as in a tounge)
KOFFING: (as in coughing)
WEEZING: (as in weezing)
RHYHORN: RHY (as in a Rhino) + HORN (as in a horn)
RHYDON: RHY (as in a Rhino) + DON (as in to don something, his horns)
CHANSEY: (as in chance)
TANGLA: (as in tangle)
KANGASKHAN: (as in Genghis Khan, in China he was the leader of a fierce band of nomads named the Mongols in the 1200s)
HORSEA: HOR (as in a seahorse) + SEA (as in the sea)
SEADRA: SEA (as in a seahorse) + DRA (as in a dragon)
GOLDEEN: GOL (as in gold) + DEEN (as in queen, a ruler)
SEAKING: SEA (as in the sea) + KING (as in a ruler)
STARYU: STAR (as in a starfish) + YU (as in you)
STARMIE: STAR (as in a starfish) + MIE (as in me)
MR. MIME: (as in a mime, a person who acts out pentomime, acting without speaking)
SCYTHER: (as in a scythe, a large blade)
JYNX: (as in a jinx, a person with bad luck)
ELECTABUZZ: ELECTA (as in electric) + BUZZ (as in a high pitched noise)
MAGMAR: (as in magma)
PINSIR: (as in retracting claws)
TAUROS: (as in the constellation, Tauros)
MAGIKARP: MAGI (as in magic) + KARP (as in the Carp fish)
GYARADOS: (as in gyro, a spinning action, his dragon rage attack)
LAPRAS: LAP (as in someone's lap) + RAS (as in rest)
DITTO: (as in copy, mimic, duplicate)
EEVEE: (as in the name Eve)
VAPOREON: (as in vapor, water)
JOLTEON: (as in jolt, electric)
FLAREON: (as in flare, fire)
PORYGON: (as in a polygon)
OMANYTE: (as in the Ammonite fossil)
OMASTAR: (as in the Ammonite fossil, star shaped)
KABUTO: (as in the meaning for helmet in Japanese)
KABUTOPS: (as in the meaning for helmet in Japanese, tops meaning taller)
SNORLAX: SNOR (as in snore) + LAX (as in relax)
AERODACTYL: AERO (as in aerodynamic, flying) + DACTYL (as in Pteradactyl)
ARTICUNO: ARTIC (as in artic ice) + UNO (as in the meaning for the number one in Spanish)
ZAPDOS: ZAP (as in an electric zap) + DOS (as in the meaning for the number two in Spanish)
MOLTRES: MOLT (as in molten lava) + TRES (as in the meaning for the number three in Spanish)
DRATINI: DRA (as in a dragon) + TINI (as in tiny)
DRAGONAIR: DRAGON (as in a dragon) + AIR (as in air)
DRAGONITE: DRAGON (as in a dragon) + ITE (as in might)
MEWTWO: MEW (as in a Japanese name) + TWO (as in the number two)
MEW: (as in a Japanese name)

Character's names

Ash: (as in the Japanese name Satoshi)
Misty: (as in water)
Brock: (as in rock)
Lt. Surge: (as in an electrical surge)
Erika: (as in the name Erika, probably a plant lover's name)
Sabrina: (as in the name Sabrina, probably a psychic's name)
Giovanni: (as in Geo, also an Italian name)
Professor Oak: (as in the name Oak, taken from the Japanese name Okido)
Nurse Joy: (as in the name Joy, probably some nurse's name)

Places in the game/show

Pallet Town: (as in a painter's pallet, a board used to place different colored paints on)
Viridian City: (as in the color Viridian, a blue-green color)
Pewter City: (as in the color Pewter, a silver-gray color)
Cerulean City: (as in the color Cerulean, a sky-blue color)
Vermilion City: (as in the color Vermilion, a bright red color)
Lavender Town: (as in the color Lavender, a light-purple color)
Celadon City: (as in the color Celadon, delicate green color)
Saffron City: (as in the color Saffron Yellow, yellow-orange color)
Fuchsia City: (as in the color Fuchsia, Purple-red color)
Seafoam Island: (as in Seafoam, sudsy foam caused by salt in the sea water)
Cinnabar Island: (as in Cinnibar, a reddish Mercury Sulfide)
Victory Road: (as in the road to your victory, becoming a master)
Indigo Plateau: (as in Indigo, a violet color, plateau is an elevated area of land)


Pokemon Terms

Pokémon (poke-a-mon or poke-kay-mon)-Pocket Monsters, or Pokémon for short.
Pokémon are monsters who inhabit "Pokemon Island." They have special or magical attacks which they use against opponents. A trainer can catch a pokemon, but must first weaken it with their own monsters. Once the monster is weakened, the trainer can throw out a pokeball and capture the monster. There are 151 known pokemon, and there are still more undiscovered ones.

Ash Ketchum has a small handheld computer he uses to get information on pokemon. Ash's pokédex is named "Dexter" and provides Ash with the information he needs on pokemon and rules from the Pokémon League.

A pokéball is a round object. Colored white and red, a Pokéball is used for capturing pokemon. Once caught, a trainer can keep the Pokemon he/she has acquired inside the ball. However, the trainer can only hold 6 pokemon at a time. The rest are kept where the trainer got their pokédex. (i.e Ash gets his stored pokemon from Professor Oak.)

Almost every pokémon can evolve. Evolution of Pokémon is changing into another form when a pokemon has gained enough levels required. For example, a Charmander can evolve into Charmeleon and Charizard.

Almost every gym is inhabited by a gym leader. The gym is owned by the trainer and when a challenger comes along, the trainer must accept his challenge. The fight takes place on the gym's battlegrounds.

GYM Leader
Each gym leader has its own gym, where challenges come in and out to fight. If the challenger is able to beat the gym leader, the challenging trainer will receive a gym badge. These badges are required for entering the pokemon league.

A badge is what you receive from GYM trainers. If you collect them all, you can participate in the Pokemon League festivities.

Pokémon Center
The place for healing pokémon. If your pokemon is injured or hungry, this is the place to go. The heal free of charge